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Hi! I’m Emma, and I run Orange Cashew Print & Web Design.

When it came time to pick a career path, graphic design was a no-brainer for me. In this field, I could blend creativity with practicality and make something new every day. Very few jobs provide that kind of creative freedom. Now, with nearly ten years of education and experience, I still love what I do.

Working exclusively as a freelance designer, I spend most of my time with PR agencies and small businesses, helping boost web presence and sales. My goal is to add an upbeat and fresh aesthetic to websites and print work, bringing customers to small businesses and nonprofits that may otherwise be overlooked.

Emma Lemcke
Emma Lemcke

graphic design / web design

Web Design

responsive WordPress websites for your business


logos, business collateral, the full creative package


brochures, books, flyers, newspaper & magazine ads


social media campaigns, posters, flyers, promotions


colorful artwork, characters, crafted typography


retouching, blog & website support, product shots


I spent my first three LA years in the event industry. Event decor and large-scale printing were my specialties. From weddings to conferences, bar mitzvahs to red carpet premieres, the work was always versatile and interesting.

After that, while juggling my freelance schedule, I spent some time in the automotive industry, working on large and small-scale advertisements for Galpin Motors. I did everything from photo-retouching to vehicle wraps.

My latest envoy has been in the world of web design. Personalizing websites with html and css has always been a hobby; now I design websites for small businesses. With WordPress, not only can I create something useful for small business owners, but I can then teach them to use the interface as well. It’s a great process that helps owners maintain control of their content.


When I’m not working, you can probably find me hanging out with my awesome husband or playing with our pets. Our guinea pigs, cats, and dog keep us busy. ;) To add to the madness, we’re also fostering a kitten we found in Van Nuys last fall. Her name is Tuxie, and she’s an adorable whirlwind.

When not corralling the critters, I enjoy listening to podcasts, reading, singing, and cooking. To hear more about the latest, you can check out my personal blog.

Orange Cashew – Freelance Graphic Design in Los Angeles

Graphic design company Orange Cashew Print & Web Design creates custom graphic designs for you and your small business. Emma can create professional advertisements, custom websites, logo designs, event signage, and whatever else you may need to grow your company. With an attentive freelance graphic design company at your side, you can bring more clients and customers to your doorstep. In a world full of graphic designers, choose a highly-skilled designer with your best interests at heart. Graphic design comes in many shapes and sizes, but Orange Cashew Design is versatile and ready for any graphic design project (print or web). Let Emma help your small business with her small business!

Professional Website Design, Affordable Website Design

Emma’s goal is to provide professional and affordable website design to small business owners. Custom website design can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but Orange Cashew Design meets your website needs without breaking the bank. As a small business owner herself, Emma understands the value of an online presence and helps build your custom small business website by providing high-quality graphic design, improving on-page SEO and content, structuring social media integration, and teaching basic WordPress skills for maintaining your website. When investing in website design, invest in a web designer (and graphic designer) who has a passion for improving the work and world around them.