Ready, Set, GO!

2014 was an eventful and crazy year for me. It was my second year as a full-time freelance designer and I spent a lot of my time working with new clients and improving my web design skills. Chris and I also spent year two at Casa Viva, our Tujunga home – there was a lot of painting and sanding! Most importantly, C and I got married in July (7/7), so there were lots of plans, projects, and trips centered around “the big day!”

I feel like I’m finally back into the regular swing of things, and I’m glad to be starting the new year out with a refreshed website and a new last name; Emma Lemcke is finally legit!

This year promises to be one of my busiest to date. With new and old clients all ready to start the year off right, and with a couple trips already in the works, I know it will be record-breaking, and I’m so excited!

Now that the new site is up, I haven’t yet decided if the old blog posts will resurface… In the meantime, a clean slate isn’t a bad way to start the year ;)

“There is only now. And look! How rich we are in it.”

― Vanna Bonta, Shades Of The World